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Real estate Introduction


We at thorat tech believes that website is your virtual office for the world, and who doesn't like to have a great built office which can be visited by it's stakeholders all the. In fact, without a high quality and highly functional website, you will be losing revenue and new opportunities every day.

If your real estate firm is planning to start a "low-budget" digital marketing campaign, having a highly functional and effective website built can be a good start. We Thorat Tech have highly experienced technical team that can understands real estate business's requirement and develop the exact website as per your need.


Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy goes beyond optimizing your real estate website. It’s gradual ongoing process which requires carefully selected, relevant keywords to boost organic traffic and convert your website visitors into Leads and eventually generate the sales.

We have a 100+ point white-hat SEO checklist that contributes to your websites performance in search and help to generate quality leads. The process begins with keyword research and identifying top keyword in your area and property type. Newly discovered keyword sets will be used to optimize every element of the web page.

Real estate Introduction
Real estate Introduction


Want to sold out your inventory way early than your competitors?

PPC is the most preferred advertising format now days for the real estate sector. On a search engine results page (SERP), you don’t necessarily need to spend large fortune as long as we are carrying out through keyword research and employ some tested tactics, paid search can be an effective marketing strategy to get visit along with organic traffic.

We at Thorat tech have group of paid search experts who are managing search campaigns of varies clients. Over the years we have fine tuned adwords system into a lean machine that churns out leads at profitable CPA.


Social media has become vital to digital marketing campaigns and can even be the flag bearer of your marketing goals. As a social media marketing agency, Thorat tech understands the science behind what makes something shareable. We help your brand to be heard and shared. Our social media strategy involves an in-depth study of your brand and creating tailored content based on which platform is more likely to give you an advantage to generate more leads to help your team.

As social media is redefining the developing landscape of online marketing, we build a social media campaign that is aligned to fulfill your real estate business objectives. We offer several social media services to get your business into the center of all limelight.

Real estate Introduction
Real estate Introduction


When you use paid social media, you are leveraging social media ads to drive traffic to your website by putting money behind your social media posts. Paid social media traffic allows you to target a specific audience and increase your social media reach to generate quality leads for you, or the estimated number of people exposed to your content.

You can acquire paid social media traffic through social media ads such as: Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Stumble upon ads, YouTube ads, and any other social media advertising channels. Our social media marketing expertise understands your target audience and engages with them to leave a lasting brand impact on their minds and ensures you get quality leads when you wanted them.

And "we have got 3+ years" of Real Estate experience that gives us the edge.

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